Twitch used to be the exclusive domain of the gaming community. But times, they are a changin’.
With the launch of Creatives in the Twitch-osphere, 2D and 3D artists are building communities of their own. With that has come a whole new set of fans and new pathways into this totally interactive space.
If you’re just starting out on Twitch—or finally taking your channel seriously—you’ve got a lot of competition. Right now, we’re unpacking all the ways you can get noticed, find your community, and curate a major audience. Fast.



Instant Fame on the tips of your fingers!
  • and a target audience. What kind of content will you offer? Who is your audience?
    Twitch is an awesome way to form a community of people who share your passion. Carve out your niche in the area you love, and you’ll generate connections with other people who love it, too.
    Of course, in order to generate those connections, you need eyes on your live stream. We’ll get to that in a minute.
  • Explore some of the biggest streamers on Twitch.
    Gaming streams have a proven format that always appeals to viewers, so it pays to check this out. There’s more room to stretch your wings in the Creative space, but exploring what others are doing can still help you outline exactly how you want to approach your audience.
    Gather streaming inspiration on webcam positioning, interactivity, streaming overlays, and social media integration. Check follower counts and set your own goals.
    If you’ve got no followers right now, don’t stress. We’ve got ways to help you there, too.
  • Get interactive.
    Twitch is a social platform, so get social. Interacting with your audience is the most important part of any account. This is where your personality starts to shine, and where you build the bonds that bring people back again and again.
    If you struggle to game and talk—or work and talk—practice. The only way to get better at anything is to practice it regularly. Find a way to communicate with your audience that offers them value and lets you do good work at the same time. Some top Twitchers have learned to take mini-breaks to engage with their followers, whilst others can engage just fine in the middle of an epic battle. The one thing they all have in common is that they put work into connecting with their audience.
    No audience to interact with yet? Keep reading—we can help with that.
  • Don’t expect to go viral overnight.
    It can be easy to think you’ll end your first livestream and be an overnight success. Fantasies of hitting influencer status creep in—we get it. But all the most successful Twitch names took time to make it big, and in the meantime they focused on offering value, being consistent, and being the best version of themselves.
  • Maximize your audience reach.
    Finally—build connections between your socials and your Twitch account. Let people know you’re a real person with a real life, and allow your reputation to do the rest.
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