Recently there have been a new streaming platform launched named Kick. 

Kick has equired a lot of Twitch streamers like (Adin Ross, Trainwrecks)

Their strategi has been very simple. Kick gives streamers equity stake in their company.

Some will say this is a game changer for streamers. When Michael Jordan was bought over to Nike in 1984 he also got equity stake in Nike. That opened the flod gates for other athletes to ask for equity in the future. And this may also happen for the future streamers if Twitch does not give streamers better contracts. As of 2023 Twitch has a 50/50 deal with streams that are partnered with Twitch. This means that when a streamer gets a new subscriber of 5,99USD twitch takes 50% of that. And there is a lot of big streamers who thinks this is a very bad deal. A hard working streamers streams 5 days a week for 8 hours, and for a company (Twitch) to take 50% of their paycheck is a hard pill to swallow for many streamers.

Twitch is still known as the best streaming platform for streamers, and is also the biggest shark in the streaming ocean as of today. 

All the equity owners off Kick gives streamers big contracts and equity stake to big streams they manage to convince to move over to Kick as a primary streaming platform for the streamer. This is tempting to many streamers because the TOS on Kick is very light compared to on Twitch. As of 2023 there are almost no rules to streaming on Kick compared to Twitch. This has also caused some trouble for Kick because of streaming streaming PPV events on their stream.


Kick is a rising competitor but has a long way to go to make a big rift in the streaming world. As of now the streams seems to be happy with the streaming service, its also a lot easier to grow on twitch because of the amount of people using the site on the daily (140 million monthly users) and its only growing for year to year. This is why we on Streamerplus help streamers push their stream to the next level we offer live viewers, followers, and AI chatbot for your streams. We are the only service that have Ad friendly viewers. This means that with our services you can earn money. Win win for both parts.

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