Twitch has more than a hundred and forty million unique viewers per month. There are over fifteen million daily active users. The streaming platform hosts more than two million broadcasters every month. Nearly two fifth of all users accesses the platform on their mobiles. Twitch has twenty seven thousand partner channels. These statistics reveal just how massive the platform is. The fact that there are fifteen million daily active users is encouraging for content creators and streamers. However, there are also over two million broadcasters. This simply means that anyone trying to reach out to an audience has a daunting fight ahead.

It is not easy to get noticed on Twitch. There is so much choice for users that they will only be drawn towards what interests them the most or what they have already heard of. Content creators do not always have the budget to advertise their channels or videos on various other platforms. There is a reason why other streaming giants advertise their best shows on television, in print and via different mass media including social networks. The only assured way to get sufficient exposure on the platform is to attain popularity. Since people do not get many viewers or followers initially, the quest to attain any level of popularity is a nonstarter. This is the principal reason why people are starting to buy Twitch followers and viewers.

Twitch is not a social network. However, it does work very similarly as people have the same behavioral tendencies as they have on social media. What is liked by several people draws the interest of many others. What is not liked remains unknown and quickly fades into oblivion. Users are likely to check out popular contents on Twitch. Popularity can be established through viewership and following. If a broadcaster or content creator does not have enough viewers and followers, then no one is interested in what they have to stream. 

People are starting to buy Twitch followers and viewers so they can establish some foundation of popularity. The numbers tell a story. When users come across profiles or contents that have plenty of viewers or followers respectively, they will be more inclined to follow or view. This has a ripple effect on the organic viewership and subsequently following. Content creators and streamers or broadcasters can wait for an uncertain period of time to have their following and viewership grow or they can buy Twitch followers and viewers to get a head start.