Starting a Twitch channel is pretty straightforward. But knowing the best twitch streaming times and getting those all-important eyeballs on your channel is oh-so-challenging.

Unfair, isn’t it? But the pros here at Streamerplus are dab hands at getting brand-new streamers views and followers, exponentially growing their channel. And yes, we can do it for you too. 

However, you can implement a few tactics to expand your viewership yourself, too — understanding the best times to stream is one of them.

Best Live Streaming Times

Aim to stream on Twitch between 11 am and 2 pm Pacific Standard Time (PST) for maximum viewership. This period boasts peak viewership numbers, giving you the highest potential number of eyeballs. 

But be warned, that’s not necessarily the perfect time for new channels to stream. 


Because you’ll face a ton of competition. 

The brains at Streamerplus recommend new channels to stream between 12 am and 9 am PST. During these hours, the number of other live channels drops, meaning you don’t have to battle thousands of other streamers to grab those views. 

Plus, you’ll still benefit from global viewership, particularly in the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe

Now that you found out the best time to stream, its about to find out how to stream on Twitch for beginners in 2023.

When is the Best day to Stream?

As you might expect, the best days to stream on Twitch in 2023 are Saturday and Sunday. But like the opportune streaming time, you’ll face bucketloads of competition. 

So, if you’re just starting your Twitch journey, we recommend days with the lowest number of other live channels. These are:

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday

The above works as a general guideline. However, Twitch is all about connecting with your audience. So, ideally, you need to find out when your target market is watching and aim to stream at that time. 

Twitch’s golden hours may not work for your local audience (i.e., people in your time zone). 

Therefore, answer the question, “when is your audience free to watch” by figuring out when they’d be awake and not at school or work.

Once you know that, you can decide whether to split your streams throughout the day or do one long broadcast.

But there are more things you need to do to fully answer your burning questions “how to get recognized on Twitch” Luckily, our team at Streamerplus can help you gain much-needed views and followers right now. 

The Best Days to Stream on Twitch

Finding out the best day to start streaming will depend on what type game you want to play. If you’re open to playing different games, we recommend using the twitch tracker to find any good game that has the highest viewership per channel ratio. You want to be guided and choose a game with a high viewer-to-channel percentage. This will be likely to lead to more viewers. Of course, nothing is guaranteed but knowing that there is sometimes a less competition for a highly watched game. You can take advantage of this when you’re being strategic.

How to Grow After Choosing Best Days and Time to Stream

Okay, so we’ve talked about the best date and time to stream, but how do we take that information and use it effectively for our channel growth? Well, the very first thing you want to do is make sure you stream in a category that has fewer channels. Starting your streaming journey on twitch with fewer channels is one of the great ways to gain more viewers. You could be the best entertainer, you could be fun, you could have great content, or your channel could look beautiful. But if no one’s going to find your channel because it’s flooded with so many other streamers, it will not help you grow.

It will mean nothing if you think about streaming on twitch during peak hours. You’re probably competing with the big streamers who have a community of loyal viewers. That’s why you should start streaming to categories that have fewer channels, as it’ll allow you to grow your channel and gain recognition. If you’re not a regular streamer out there, one of the best things on twitch you can do is start streaming during the weekends, early mornings, and nights. 

We’ve already stated one of the best times is between 12 midnight and 8 am, but on the weekends, some kids stay up late and they want to watch live streams, which is the best time for you to gain their attention all right, so we’ve got your best time best day and even tips that help refine that. But you got to make sure you stay consistent. 

Be Consistent After Choosing the Best Day and Time

Let’s talk about that for a quick moment and give you some tips. To stay consistent with your streaming schedule, you must be realistic about your goals and schedule. Make sure you find a game you’re good at or passionate about. This will help you avoid burnout. Many believe streaming when big streamers are online in the same category will ruin your overall discoverability. Still, if you adjust your timing when big streamers go offline, you can gain many viewers. Consider considering this when those channels are looking for someone new to watch.

Avoid prime-time hours, as streaming on twitch along with fewer twitch channels enables you to gain more organic twitch viewers. Like I said earlier, there are a lot of variables when it comes to the best day and time you have. Life variables plus platform variables, so we always recommend you do your research. Do some analytical work and then pull out all the data to see what it says and use that to your advantage; trust me. It will help. You can start streaming smarter.

What Time of Day Is Best to Live Stream on Twitch? 

To answer this question, you need to look at data on the viewers and how that’s curving over time, and then you need to compare that with data in terms of the number of competitor channels. So viewers are in demand, and channels are in supply. So you’re trying to find times when there’s a discrepancy between supply and demand. If you can find a point where the demand is a little higher, but the supply is a little lower, for example, in terms of viewers versus channels, then you can find a caked opportunity to grow by optimizing the time of day you stream.

Using Twitch Stats.

Let’s look at the statistics that is always available on your twitch stats. So if you look at how viewers trend over time on twitch statistics, this is global. The lowest point in the day regarding viewership is at four am eastern time. There’s one-third of the viewership at 4:00 am eastern time on twitch.

As there is at uh 14 o’clock eastern time which is 2 pm eastern time, this is global, by the way. Not just in your local area but globally. This would tell us we need to keep an eye on four eastern. We need to take a look at 14 eastern as well. Those are the two points of interest on this chart that we need to keep in mind, and if we can find a discrepancy somewhere in this data with the high point and a low point in terms of viewership and channels, we may increase our odds of being discovered on the platform.


The odds are in your favor, like supply and demand, which remains consistent during this period. There’s a balance between supply and demand between 6 am and noon on twitch. It stays compatible with the number of viewers, and the number of streamers remains the same during that period which is why that is the sweet spot to stream on twitch if you want to break through.