With millions of live streams available daily, marketing a product can be difficult. Thankfully, you don’t have to do the process alone! The rest of this article will take you through the easy two-step to marketing success on Twitch. 

How to Market a Product/Business on Twitch

After its creation by Amazon, Twitch garnered popularity among the gamer community. The platform has continued to grow exponentially. 

Most marketers don’t know, that Twitch has grown beyond the categories of live video gaming and now includes videos about life, art, and more. No matter your product or business, there’s a market for it on Twitch. 

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If you as a streamer need a push to the top of the category of your live stream, you are at the right site. But its important to implement all the small things to make a big change. You as a streamer have to know what to do when all the new viewers come to your stream, you can only give a good first impression once.

Here is a video that the Streamer team find informative, on what to do when getting brand deal:

Recent Studies

Recent studies show that over 90% of Twitch users are male, and 55% of the respondents are aged 17-24.

73% of Twitterers are between 16 and 44 years old. More female users have joined the platform. However, the user age is still relatively young compared with male users.

It shows how important social proof is. Rather than receiving direct advertisements on Twitch, users can accept, follow, and view their favorite channels because it’s personal to them.

Interact with Your Audience

Twitch Live streaming requires interaction, and one way we recommend is to interact with the chat. Especially if you are a small streamer, if you are a small streamer you should answer any question a viewer has in chat. A lot of streamers also give their chat a name so the viewers watching feels more included in your stream.

Understand the Average Twitch User

Twitch’s younger users tend to be males. Therefore it’s important to take this into account when streaming or talking about your brand deal. You can research channels and influencers for a good marketing strategy. The U.S. is home to over a half-third of the platform’s website traffic (23%), with Germany (8%), South Korea (6%), Russia (6%), and France (4%) close to completing the top five. Twitch is receiving traffic from 225 nations.

The Twitch platform is an ecosystem; connected by an individual community whose interests overlap . Several famous streaming services can live stream educational content encouraging viewers to engage in live chats. Using the data compiled by Twitch Metrics.

15 of its top-rated Twitch Channels are individual streamers rather than corporate.

What is Twitch Influencer Marketing?

Twitch influencer marketing is like many influencer marketing platforms, except the promotional content is live-streamed and not pre recorded brand deals or sponsorships.

When a contract is agreed upon, the streaming company will begin marketing the brand to its audience and subscriber base. There are lots of different promotional options available on Twitch. Since Twitch is heavily aimed at gaming, sponsorship usually are gaming related, like Razor,Gfuel,Intel,AMD,Logitech,etc.

The platform is merely an example of the trend of utilizing live videos. For Twitch marketing, the website tends towards older demographic segments. 74 % of its users are aged over 35, with 71 % between 18 and 25.

Working with Influencers

Have we ever heard that Twitch can be an influencer site? Sponsored streams are an excellent way to promote your products to a wider public on the platform.

In addition, content creators are usually socially savvy, which allows them to find the most appropriate way for a sponsored stream to feel enjoyable rather than forced, but then again its easier to market a product or a brand deal when the footage you are filming is not live.